CHERISH Overnight Use Premium Sanitary Napkins (7 Pads Per Pack)

Vendor: popshopsouth
Type: Cherish Pads

(320mm / 12.5 inch)

CHERISH Overnight Use Premium Sanitary Napkins

7 Pads Per Pack

For incredible protection you’ll barely notice, choose the CHERISHâ„¢ OVERNIGHT USE PREMIUM SANITARY NAPKINS.

This thin Premium Sanitary Napkin is engineered with the same legendary absorption of the Cherish Day Use pads and yet still feels amazingly light and comfortable. The smooth, soft cotton outer layer embraces your skin giving you unparalleled relaxation.

The unique negative ion strip may help to reduce pain and inflammation and may help to eliminate unwanted odors. Its overnight design has been engineered for hours of pleasant and satisfying comfort, allowing you to enjoy a “worry free,” peaceful night’s sleep.

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